Sinus Lift Surgery Near You

Sinus Lift surgery is a great treatment option for people in need of a dental implant in the top jaw. This procedure allows the body to grow bone to create a solid foundation for dental implants. At Orange Blossom Oral Surgery, we use the latest biomedical technologies and the most advanced 3D imaging techniques.

Sinus Lift Surgery Near You

When Do You Need a Sinus Lift?

There are a number of reasons a sinus lift may be right for you:

  • Inadequate bone volume for implant placement
  • Tooth roots in close proximity to the sinus
  • Loss of bone volume after a previous tooth extraction
  • Years of being without teeth resulting in advanced bone atrophy

We will obtain and review 3D imaging and work with you and your dentist’s specific goals.  Dr. Doroshenko and her team will develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Post Operative Care for a Sinus Lift

Post Operative care after a sinus lift  does have a few extra steps in addition to normal post op instructions.

These additional instructions include:

  • Abstain from straw use
  • Avoid Blowing your nose
  • Discontinue use of any tobacco products
  • Avoid holding in a sneeze

If you’ve been told you may need a sinus lift call our Gibsonton office at (813) 677-0073 to schedule a consultation.  You can also fill out “Get in Touch” form below.

Sinus Lift Surgery in Gibsonton