Sedation Dentistry Near You

Are you worried about pain during the procedure? Anxious about any dental work?  Do you prefer not to know what’s going on during the surgery?   There are choices for everyone! We offer oral sedation (mild/moderate sedation) and IV sedation (going to sleep/general) as options for your surgical visit. 

sedation dentistry in gibsonton

What to Expect with Sedation

Before your surgery, Dr. D and her team will review the type of anesthetic you prefer and discuss what is safe for you to undergo. This is the time to share any concerns you may have about any part of the operation. It is very important for Dr Doroshenko to know your medical and anesthesia history as well as any family issues with anesthesia.

As a result of extensive training, maintaining CPR, and Advanced Life Support, Dr Doroshenko is well-prepared to appropriately administer all forms of sedation including general anesthesia.  We leave nothing to chance and our whole team stays up to date on emergency management.  Going to sleep is a very safe option for most healthy individuals!

To discuss your anesthesia preferences, please call us to schedule a consultation at (813) 677-0073 or fill out “Get in Touch” form below!