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    Board Certified Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon


    Dr Doroshenko received both, her medical and her dental degrees at the University of Maryland. She is board certified by the prestigious ABOMS (American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons) and keeps her knowledge up to date with frequent continuing education classes and hands-on courses.

    Financing Options

    Financing Options

    At Orange Blossom Oral Surgery we understand that you, as a patient, have a budget. We offer financing options to make sure you can put your oral health needs first. We participate with most PPO insurances. Call us to find out more.

    Family Friendly Oral Surgery


    Are you nervous about your procedure? Are you worried about your child having surgery? We treat each patient with the utmost kindness and patience. We take a personalized approach to treating each patient, providing treatment that is specific to your individual needs.

    Anesthesia Options


    It’s your choice! In most cases we can offer you a variety of options on how you want to have your surgery done: local anesthetic, oral sedation, or IV sedation

    Welcome To Orange Blossom Oral Surgery

    Welcome to Orange Blossom Oral Surgery

    Your Oral Surgeon in Gibsonton

    We see patients with a wide variety of problems related to the mouth, teeth and jaws.

    • Has your dentist recommended removing your wisdom teeth?
    • Have you known for years you need your wisdom teeth out, but been worried about the surgery or about going to sleep?
    • Do you have a broken tooth that cannot be saved?
    • Do you want to get a dental implant but are worried that it will hurt?

    Call us to make an appointment to discuss all of your concerns in a calm, no-rush office where we really care about helping you get to a healthier mouth!

    At Orange Blossom Oral Surgery we understand the anxiety that oral surgery can cause. We offer pre-operative relaxation medication, going to sleep for procedures, and if you ever have a question after surgery you can speak with the doctor directly, not an answering service!

    Orange Blossom Oral Surgery Clinic is dedicated to providing comprehensive oral health solutions to the Riverview and Apollo Beach community. By utilizing state-of-the-art technology and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in oral surgery, Orange Blossom Oral Surgery Clinic ensures that each patient receives personalized and top-quality care.

    Whether it’s addressing complex dental issues or enhancing the overall oral well-being, the clinic is a trusted partner in promoting healthier smiles for the Gibsonton, Riverview, Waterset and Apollo Beach residents.

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    Need Your Child’s Wisdom Teeth Removed this Summer Break?

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    Why Choose Orange Blossom Oral Surgery

    Why Choose Our Gibsonton Oral Surgery Office?

    We are located between route 41 and I-75 in the Kings Lake shopping plaza. Just look for the big orange

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    If you have dental anxiety or just want to be comfortable during surgical treatment, our oral maxillofacial office provides our patients with a variety of sedation options. We want to make sure you have a pleasant experience and receive the highest quality care.

    Orange Blossom Oral Surgery is a family-friendly oral maxillofacial surgical office. This means that every member of your family, children 9 years and older and seniors alike, can receive treatment with Dr. Doroshenko and our experienced and skilled team!

    Orange Blossom Oral Surgery Clinic serves the oral health needs of the Gibsonton neighborhood, including the Riverview, Waterset and Apollo Beach communities. With a focus on personalized care and advanced techniques, the clinic offers a range of oral health solutions.