Bone Grafting Near You

Growing bone may be necessary in order to be able to place a dental implant. Bone grafting restores volume of the jaw bone. Where previously a dental implant would have been impossible, it becomes a reality. At Orange Blossom Oral Surgery, we use the latest biomedical technologies and the most advanced 3D imaging techniques.

Bone Grafting in Gibsonton

Types of Bone Grafting

There are many types of bone grafting procedures:

  • ridge preservation at time of tooth extraction
  • sinus lift (make this clickable to sinus lift tab)
  • guided bony regeneration
  • bone grafting at time of implant placement

We will obtain and review 3D imaging and work with your  and your dentist’s specific goals.  Dr. Doroshenko and her team will develop a specific treatment plan for you, regarding which type of bone grafting you will need. Call our Gibsonton office at (813) 677-0073 to schedule a consultation.  You can also fill out “Get in Touch” form below.